'It's down at the end of a lonely street named Heartbreak Hotel'

Our temporary address is:

75 Jailhouse Lane
Graceland r v park,
Behind the Heartbreak Hotel,
Elvis Presley Boulevard,
Memphis, Tennesse.

Please send all correspondence there.
Does it get any better?

We were woken at Loretta's by the sound of trees being hammered all around us. We thought that some lumberjacks had started working and hadn't noticed we were there. It turned out to be several woodpeckers tapping the hell out of the trees above us. We went to see Loretta; her plantation house is gorgeous but some of the ornamentation is a little unnecessary, I feel. There is a massive museum on the ranch devoted to all things Loretta. It is like a giant version of the, sadly now defunct, Liberace museum that used to be in Los Vegas. She has obviously never had a good clear out and a trip to the dump. Every item of clothing ever worn, not just by her but by her family too is there, along with 50 million other items she has owned or been given. One of my favourite exhibits was a half smoked fag that was left in an ash tray by Dean Martin. Even her children's school reports were on display (very average, more to be hidden away, I think), along with old toys and just countless, totally random things. I am now the owner of a DVD of her bio pic signed by Loretta herself, WITH LOVE!! Loretta, I love you too!

We dallied longer than we though, what with so much to see un'all and so we swooshed down the freeway to Jackson to visit the Casey Jones home and museum (terrific). Then, we went south through charming Bolivar, dipped into Mississippi for a little bit and then on here.

We went to B B Kings on Beale Street and listened to some great music before retiring. This camping park is occupied, mainly, by the biggest, most luxurious rv's you have ever seen, our rig looks minuscule in comparison. Still, as ever, it's the star of the show. I think our neighbour might be Seasick Steve or maybe Kris Kristofferson but, then again, all the men seem to look like those two; beards and long, greying hair mandatory.

We've had another great day. Waking up with a Queen and going to bed with a King, and we have our platinum tickets to visit Graceland tomorrow. Perfect.


  1. Miss Barbara, how cool to know there is Dino-memorbilia at Miss Loretta's museum. Know your report has been shared with all the pallies gathered 'round ilovedinomartin.


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