A Chevy, chicken and cactus, plus a reconnection.

We have a Chevy Tahoe - oh boy!  It’s vast; there’s probably a bathroom in it somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet.  What a beast!  It’s great, obviously, and there are advantages to being in a Hertz special, it’s just not the same, but there we are. 

We didn’t do a great deal at Tulum, although messing about with car hire which involved at 130 kms round trip and endless faffing in the office consumed much of the day. Most of the rest was spent looking at the turquoise Caribbean over the rim of a margarita. 


After a too short couple of days at Los Lagunas, in Flores, and a visit to the spectacular ruins at Tikal, we set off fo Belize.  Getting through Belizean immigration was a breeze - as I remembered it from when I crossed the same border once before. It was also the first taste of the incredible friendliness and cheerfulness of Belizeans. 

English registration documents only have the date of first registration on them hence; the Model A appears to be only 22 years old as it spent much of its early life in Argentina, pounding the Pampas. After a brief look of perplexion, the customs officer roared with laughter and came and sat in the drivers seat to have his photo taken.  Seldom are border formalities completed in such an open, sunny manner and with so much laughter. 
Our stay in lovely Belize was a very brief one night in Belize City, looking, with great longing, on my part anyway, towards the sumptuous cayes in the Caribbean Sea that we have no time to visit. The city is not the best…

A proper rally day.