Off again...


The model A has had some corrective surgery since returning from Bolovia.  What an adventure it had to get home again.  It was a sad and sorry day that it disappeared into a shed in Uyuini, Bolivia for what became a lengthy stay in such a benighted place.  Eventually, it was transported to Arica, Chile, loaded onto a ship, sailed up to Panama, boarded a train to go through the canal (maybe not through it, but you know what I mean) enjoyed a Caribbean Cruise down to Venezuela, where it was transhipped  for the journey back to England. Then, onto a lorry back to the safety of its garage in Steeple Aston.  Phew.

Now it is awaiting our arrival, today, in Yangon.  All refreshed and ready for some more action.  As I write, Adrian and I are sitting in the departure lounge at Siem Reap airport for our flight to Yangon, via Bangkok.

I have been fully occupied by teeth for the last two weeks; initiating a dental hygiene programme at one of our schools in the impoverished countryside in Siem Reap Province.  Imagine being 11years old and never having cleaned your teeth.  Sending toothbrushes home has never worked as they generally just lie in the dirt or are used for cleaning bicycle chains etc.  Thanks to Adrian's hard work, along with fantastic help from Rany and Esa, every classroom now has handsome shelves for all the individual mugs and toothbrushes to be stored.  The children now know far more than they did about their anatomy and why brushing your teeth is so important and how to execute the cleaning.  The most basic thing has to be learned from scratch here, in a village with no running water, sanitation or electricity.  I've told the children I want to see beautiful smiles and sparkly teeth when I return in three weeks after the rally.

The rally: it's only 2,200 kms over three weeks and should be fairly easy.  Except it won't be because of the state of the roads.  We're both very excited!  

Watch this space.


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